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Since this is a limited release where only 60 copies will ever be sold, I'll get straight to the point.

Every year, around this time, I do a deep-dive into what is currently selling on Amazon in the low/medium/high content space.

This year, I focused on 3 main categories:

  • Journals & Planners

  • Puzzle Books (since so many people buy these as gifts, especially when Q4 arrives)

  • Trending & On the Rise Niches (that have long-term potential)

My search criteria includes mainly self published books, low competition, under-serviced niches (when possible), and I focus on books that are easy to create (so nothing that requires you be an expert).

I know niche research isn't for everyone, but I absolutely love it.

I can get lost for hours (in this case, days) searching for hot KDP niches and then validating them by digging through estimated monthly sales, keywords, and more.

Not your jam?

Then you'll want to click here for an instant solution.  

You won't have to go on a vigorous hunt for quick-win KDP niches because I've done all the work for you. 

You'll get instant access to my recent 4-day hunt for KDP niches! 

My goal is to prepare you for Q4, but to also give you niches that are selling right now.

You'll find a wide variety of books that cover puzzle books, journals and more.

Instant Access to 30 KDP Niches For Quick Wins

The Puzzle Payday Niche Report features 10 profitable KDP niches, with a focus on crossword and word search books.

I uncovered so many awesome niches for quick cashflow, and you'll get the best keywords for every single one.

The Journal Jackpot Niche Report features 10 profitable KDP journal niches, complete with the best keywords for each one.

These are all high profit niches with very low competition, so you won't have to elbow your way through a crowded market in order to generate sales. 

The Market Gems Report features 10 profitable KDP niches covering various other niches.

This includes a combination of workbooks, planners, and other books either currently trending or on the rise.

There's a solid variety of niches in this report that didn't quite fit into other ones, including niches geared toward kids, and some focused on specific adult themes.

Yours in success,

Kate Riley,

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