Discover 10 Untapped Opportunities...

(It's like a "cheat code" for low-content publishers...)

For the first time in almost 2 years, I've put together a special report that features 10 high-profit, low competition low content niches.

And you won't believe what I've uncovered!

Niche hunting?

It's not just what I do—it's my adrenaline fix. I dive deep into market mazes, scouring every corner until I unearth those elusive gems.

#NicheNerd 🤓

It's my kind of treasure hunt, and let's just say, I've struck gold.

We're talking about quiet goldmines, away from the over-saturated markets and the frenzied rush.

But obviously, I'm not in the habit of regularly sharing my niches.

After all, the whole point is to find in-demand markets where competition is low.

The last thing anyone wants to do is invite thousands of people to jump on the bandwagon and ruin the fun.

But every couple of years, I welcome a small group of people to explore some of my best, and most recently discovered, niches.

And guess what? It’s that time again! But shhh, keep this under wraps. 👀

Seriously, please don't share this page with anyone. Chances are, it'll be taken down before they ever see it anyway.

This ultra-limited offer is only for my inner circle—yup, that's you, folks in my FB group and newsletter crew.

With only 100 copies up for grabs, my brand-new "Secret Sellers" report is your VIP pass to 10 killer niches—complete with all the juicy details you need to dominate.

And lucky you, the doors have just opened!

Within this exclusive report, you'll get:

  • Niche Overview: I break down every niche and who your target audience is.
  • Estimated Monthly Sales: You'll know exactly what these niches are capable of with monthly sale estimates provided (and multiple examples). (let's SPY on those money-makers, shall we?!).
  • Other Important Details: This includes average page count, average price point, competitive score and even the top keyword for the niche! 

Fast-Track Your Success with Pre-Vetted, Profitable Amazon Niches!

I'm willing to bet that most of your time is spent trying to find worthwhile niches that haven't already been blasted by a zillion other people.

Hours, days, heck, sometimes weeks spent sifting through the digital abyss for that one golden niche that'll pay off.

Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

Enter "Secret Sellers"—Special Niche Report. 

This isn’t just any report; it’s your ticket to skipping the whole guesswork game and diving straight into making real money in the self publishing space.

Because here's the thing...

Armed with this report, you've pretty much won half the battle.

It’s packed with 10 ready-to-go niches

And trust me, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill niches; they’re surefire winners. 

In fact, many of them were responsible for generating over $27,000 last month alone (and April is usually a "meh" month compared to Dec & Jan!)

While I’ve published more than 1,000 low content books, those sales came from just 84 of my current bestsellers.

It doesn’t take a massive amount of books to win this game, it just takes focusing on the RIGHT niches.

"Low Content is Dead..."

Here's where you furrow your brow and wonder if you've just wasted a few minutes of your life reading my sales page only to find out that I'm one of those people who claim that low content publishing on Amazon KDP is dead.

Gosh, no... but with that being said, there's something I want you to know.

When I say "low content", I'm talking anything journal, workbook, planner or activity book related. 

I use the term "low content publishing" interchangeably (I started in this biz when the opportunity was first introduced and we didn't use words like "medium content" or "high content" back then. I still don't.)

But low content publishing, in the original sense, IS dead. Well, maybe not Rigor Mortis dead, but it's on its last leg.

That's why I no no longer publish what was originally deemed "low content".

And neither should you. 

Meaning, no basic single page interiors on repeat until you get to 100 pages and hit publish.

And for goodness' sake, no blank or lined journals.

You won't have to worry about that though because most of the niches in Secret Sellers are medium content.

This means journals, planners, activity pages—you get the point. 

The best part? 

It doesn't even matter if the most profitable niches are medium content, or even high content for that matter. 

You can simply use the power of AI to create the content and then tweak it to fit your brand into existing layouts and designs!


Are you Ready to Bypass the Mainstream and Profit from Amazon’s Best-Kept Secrets?

With your copy of this brand-new low content niche report, you'll be fully equipped to skyrocket your sales throughout 2024. 🚀

I've packed this guide with every crucial detail you need—just download and get started!

Wondering if this is your jam? Here's who "Secret Sellers" is perfect for:

  • New Publishers: Wanna beef up your bank account in your spare time? These niches are your secret weapon.

  • Experienced Publishers: Already in the game but hungry for more? Discover new, lucrative territories that are yet to be overrun.

  • Trend Trackers: Hey, data lovers, I’ve crunched the numbers so you don’t have to. Jump into these insights and keep a step ahead of the market trends.

  • Side Hustlers: Whether you're dreaming of starting a side hustle or ready to build a publishing empire, these 10 red-hot niches will kickstart your journey, making it faster and smoother.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Secret Sellers – Limited Copies Available!

Why waste time guessing? I’ve done the research for you, and the results are in this exclusive report.

This is the lowest price Secret Sellers will ever be. Since it's an exclusive, private offer with very limited spots, there's no discount or coupon code available.

Yours in success,

Kate Riley,

P.S: Remember, only a limited number of publishers will ever have the chance to leverage these under-the-radar niches.

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