Maximize Your Printable Sales with a Ready to Sell Niche-in-a-Box!

Introducing my first-ever Niche-in-a-Box, an all-inclusive package designed for people who are looking to maximize their printable sales while saving a ton of time.

This is an all-inclusive, done for you package, focused a very profitable market that is not only ever-growing, but ever-green—the printable affirmation card niche!

This special bundle is filled to the brim with invaluable resources and brand new, never before released, done-for-you content. 

You see, an all-inclusive package like this not only provides you with a wide range of beautifully designed printable products to sell, but also many of the tools you need to successfully market and sell them online!

Not familiar with this fast-growing niche? Let me quickly break it down for you.

Quick Niche Breakdown

The affirmation card printable market is a highly profitable, long-term niche, tapping into the growing awareness and demand for personal development and mental well-being tools. 

Parents, educators, teachers and mental health professionals are regular customers. Teachers use affirmation cards in the classroom to encourage a positive mindset and boost students' self-esteem while parents find them useful in helping their kids develop a healthy self-image.

On the other hand, affirmation cards geared towards adults are typically purchased by wellness practitioners, those focused on well-being, and even corporate professionals who are looking to boost morale, or as part of wellness programs to promote a positive workplace culture.

Plus, they make great gifts, so you'll see sales increase before holidays, as well as just before the new school season begins.

The market of customers is massive and with so many different groups, from all walks of life, looking to purchase affirmation cards, the profit potential is at an all-time high.

Now that you better understand the affirmation printable market, let me show you how you can dominate this highly profitable niche without having to do any of the work yourself!

Your Complete Solution for Making Money in the Affirmation Cards Niche!

This package includes 20 unique affirmation printable products, with 50 cards in each set.

That means you're gaining access to 1,000 affirmation printable cards that you can sell as your own! #woah

Plus, these printables were created "to-market". Meaning, they're geared toward some of the most popular topics and themes in the printable affirmations niche.

In other words, these are the exact products that people are looking for every single day! 

Let's take a closer look at everything you'll get in this special Niche-in-a-Box:

Special Feature #1:

A Full Inventory of Affirmation Card Printables! (totaling 1,000 Printables!)

There are almost 500 affirmation printable cards for kids, included in this special package and 500 geared towards adults. 

Each affirmation card deck features 50 different printables, complete with Canva design files for easy editing.

Here are the kid-based themes that are covered:

Self-Esteem & Confidence

  • Niche Popularity: High demand, as parents and educators focus on building self-worth and confidence in children.

  • In-Demand Because: These affirmations help children develop a strong sense of self and belief in their abilities.

Resilience & Overcoming Challenges

  • Niche Popularity: Increasingly sought after, especially in times of change and uncertainty.

  • Target Audience: Children facing challenges, caregivers, and teachers.

Kindness & Empathy

  • Niche Popularity: Growing interest in fostering emotional intelligence and compassion.

  • In-Demand Because: These cards promote understanding and empathy, key for social development.

Gratitude & Positivity

  • Niche Popularity: A trending focus in child psychology and parenting.

  • In-Demand Because: Encourages children to appreciate life and maintain a positive outlook.

  • Target Audience: Families, educational institutions, child therapists.

Friendship & Social Skills

  • Niche Popularity: Essential skills in all stages of childhood development.

  • In-Demand Because: Helps children navigate social interactions and build strong friendships.

  • Target Audience: School-aged children, social skill groups, parents.

Environmental Awareness

  • Niche Popularity: Highly relevant in today’s eco-conscious society.

  • In-Demand Because: Raises awareness about the environment and promotes responsible behavior.

  • Target Audience: Environmentally conscious families, schools, youth groups.

Curiosity & Learning

  • Niche Popularity: Constantly relevant, with an emphasis on lifelong learning.

  • In-Demand Because: Encourages a love for learning and exploration.

  • Target Audience: Young learners, educational settings, homeschoolers.

Creativity & Imagination

  • Niche Popularity: Always in demand for holistic child development.

  • In-Demand Because: Fosters creative thinking and imaginative play.

  • Target Audience: Young children, creative learning centers, parents.

Coping with Emotions

  • Niche Popularity: Growing importance in child mental health and well-being.

  • In-Demand Because: Supports emotional regulation and healthy expression of feelings.

  • Target Audience: Children learning emotional skills, families, child counselors.

Physical Health & Activity

  • Niche Popularity: Increasing focus on physical well-being and active lifestyles for children.

  • In-Demand Because: Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and physical fitness.

  • Target Audience: Active families, schools with physical education programs, sports clubs for kids.

There are also 500 affirmation printable cards for adults, included in this Niche-in-a-Box package!

Each affirmation card deck features 50 different printables, designed in 5x7 sizing, complete with Canva design files for easy editing.

Here are the themes that are covered:

Business Success Affirmations

  • Niche Popularity: High demand in the entrepreneurial and professional sectors.

  • In-Demand Because: Motivational affirmations are sought by professionals for inspiration and focus.

  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, business professionals, career-focused individuals.

Creativity & Innovation

  • Niche Popularity: Constantly relevant in creative industries and problem-solving roles.

  • In-Demand Because: Affirmations that foster creative thinking are valued in dynamic professional and personal environments.

  • Target Audience: Artists, creatives, innovators, and problem solvers.

Financial Well-Being

  • Niche Popularity: Growing interest in personal finance management and wealth creation.

  • In-Demand Because: Financial affirmations help in cultivating a positive mindset towards money management and wealth accumulation.

  • Target Audience: Individuals focusing on financial growth, investors, entrepreneurs.

Fostering Positive Relationships

  • Niche Popularity: Essential for personal development and mental health.

  • In-Demand Because: These affirmations aid in building and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships.

  • Target Audience: Individuals seeking to improve personal and professional relationships.

Health & Wellness

  • Niche Popularity: Continuously relevant, especially with growing health consciousness.

  • In-Demand Because: Promotes a holistic approach to physical and mental health.

  • Target Audience: Health enthusiasts, individuals focusing on wellness, anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Mindfulness & Inner Peace

  • Niche Popularity: Increasingly popular in stress management and mental wellness circles.

  • In-Demand Because: Helps individuals achieve mindfulness, reduce stress, and find inner peace.

  • Target Audience: Anyone seeking to enhance their mental health, practitioners of mindfulness and meditation.

Overcoming Challenges

  • Niche Popularity: Universal appeal, as everyone faces challenges.

  • In-Demand Because: Supports resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

  • Target Audience: Individuals encountering personal or professional obstacles, those seeking motivation.

Personal Growth

  • Niche Popularity: Constant demand driven by the self-help and personal development industry.

  • In-Demand Because: Encourages continuous learning, self-improvement, and self-reflection.

  • Target Audience: Self-help enthusiasts, individuals on a personal development journey.

Self-Care Affirmations

  • Niche Popularity: Growing recognition of the importance of self-care for overall well-being.

  • In-Demand Because: Emphasizes the importance of taking time for self-care and mental health.

  • Target Audience: Everyone, especially those in high-stress roles and busy lifestyles.

Work-Life Balance

  • Niche Popularity: Highly relevant in today’s fast-paced, work-centric culture.

  • In-Demand Because: Focuses on achieving a healthy balance between professional and personal life.

  • Target Audience: Busy professionals, working parents, anyone seeking a more balanced lifestyle

Special Feature #2:

Sales Copy & Done-for-You Etsy Listings!

With your purchase, you'll receive access to my personal Google Drive, where you can access 50+ pages of done-for-you sales copy and product listings!

That's right, I've written all of your product listings for you—covering every single affirmation card product featured in this Niche-in-a-Box! 

This makes it very easy to load up your shop with fresh, new products by simply copying and pasting.


What an amazing time-saver!

Each sales document includes a detailed product overview, target audience, benefits, product title suggestions, suggested keywords, and more!

Special Feature #3:

Done-for-You Product Graphics!

25 Done-for-you, high-quality sales and promotional graphics that you can use in your product listings, sales pages, emails and more!

You'll receive both Canva source files for easy customization as well as JPG formats that are ready to use as-is.

This will save you even more time while also ensuring your shop stands out with professionally designed sales and promotional material!

Special Feature #4:

Commercial-Use License!

With your special commercial-use license, you're able to sell these gorgeous printable packs as your own!

Sell personal-use licenses to your customers, set your own price point, use them as lead magnets, bonus items, customize to suit your brand and so much more.

This license provides the flexibility you need to expand your outreach and maximize your printable income.

This is Your Gateway to Success in the Printable Affirmations Market!

Let's quickly recap everything you'll get with your one-time purchase:

  • 20 Brand new, all-inclusive affirmation card printable packs, ready to sell! (And with 40-50 cards per pack, that's 1,000 affirmation cards in total!)

  • Includes both popular adult and kid-based themes!

  • Design Source Files. 
    All you'll need is a free Canva account, and you can easily tailor each card to your brand's unique style.

  • "Ready-to-Sell" PDF Versions created for you! (These are what you'll give to customers)

  • Done-for-You Sales Copy & Product Listings!

  • Done-for-You Etsy listing & sales graphics (or use them on any platform you wish!)

  • Commercial-Use Rights for Endless Earning Potential!

Claim Your Copy of this All-Inclusive Package for Immediate Market Entry!

Yours in success,

Kate Riley,
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