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Niche in a Box Vol 1 focuses on the profitable affirmation printable cards market and this all-inclusive package provides your customers with everything they need to dominate this niche quickly!

There are no upsells or OTO's with this offer. Just a one-time payment for access to the full package.

This includes:

  • 1,000 affirmation cards—all designed using Canva.

  • Source files via Canva for easy editing.

  • 20 different printable affirmation card decks: 10 geared towards adults, 10 geared towards children markets.

  • Tons of popular themes included.

  • Pre-written product listing descriptions for all 20 printable products, making it easy for your customers to build an Etsy shop, or update existing shops and offers.

  • Done-for-you shop graphics. There are more than 20 beautiful promo and sales graphics included with their purchase. All designed using Canva for easy customization.

  • Commercial-use License: This allows them to sell personal-use licenses to their customer base.

There are almost 500 affirmation printable cards for kids, included in this special package and 500 geared towards adults. 

Each affirmation card deck features 50 different printables, complete with Canva design files for easy editing.

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The regular price of this product is $77, but you can offer it to your customer base for just $47!

That means you'll earn $23.50 for every sale, paid instantly to your Paypal account.

Give your customers a special coupon code that reduces the price by $30 (coupon never expires so you can set up future campaigns and promote this as long as you wish!)


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Kate Riley


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