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This is a space for you to get affiliates excited about your offer! Include details about what your product is, who it is designed for, and why they should promote it.

Start with giving affiliates a “why.”

Why should they promote your brand? There are likely many reasons, but the most important ones are: they either love your brand or product, and they can earn money.

Next, highlight the commission offer. Commission information should be featured immediately and placed at the top of the page where you can easily see them.

Most importantly, commissions should be clear and straightforward.

The affiliate commission is the amount they will earn for each referral. This can be the percentage of the sales amount or a fixed commission for each sale.

If you're planning to run a contest, add details about that as well. Make sure to prominently feature the start and end date of any launch week or affiliate contest, and include a link to the leader-board (WarriorPlus creates this for you).


My affiliate contest runs from (DATE & TIME) to (DATE & TIME) and awards the top 3 affiliates with cash prizes!

Contest is based on overall number of sales and a leaderboard will be made available. I will also email you with updates every day during launch, so make sure you're signed up to my affiliate newsletter.

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1st Place Prize: $100

1st Place Prize: $50

1st Place Prize: $25

Questions? You can reach me at:  your-email-address-here

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